Conference Programme

Fish Waste for Profit 2019 - Striving for 100% utilisation

Fish Waste for Profit 2019 was the 3rd edition of the Icelandic Fisheries Conference, and ran separately to the IceFish Exhibition for the first time from 10-11 April 2019.

This year's programme covered how the reutilisation of fish processing by-products has become a lucrative add-on to regular fish processing, serving the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. Estimates reveal that 43% of fish and shellfish resources end up as wastage, which represents a significant amount of potential profit that could be generated from otherwise discarded material.

Fish Waste for Profit provided attendees with knowledge on how to maximise their return on investment from potentially discarded parts of the catch that can be turned into high value products for non-food sectors. It was a must attend event for those looking to discover new innovations and industry insights, and to develop relations with key industry stakeholders.

The previous edition of Fish Waste for Profit took place in September 2017, delivering case-study-based presentations, selected with the aim of informing attendees about recent industry developments and the 'big business' that fish waste is becoming.

To view the topics covered on the programme for Fish Waste for Profit 2019 click here or view the programme below.

Day 1 - Wednesday 10th April

Grand Hotel Reykjavík, Iceland


 Coffee & Registration


 Chairman's Welcome
Thor Sigfusson, Founder and Chairman, Iceland Ocean Cluster

Keynote Addresses


Development of byproduct utilization in Iceland
Hordur G. Kristinsson, Chief Science and Innovation Officer, Matis


Future predictions for availability of raw material from by-products
Neil Auchterlonie, Technical Director, IFFO




 Coffee & Networking

Session 1 - Funding the Future


 Investment opportunities in the by-product industry
Húni Jóhannesson, Specialist in Corporate Finance, Arctica Finance


 Investing in bioeconomy 
Sigurdur Björnsson, Head of Research and Innovation, The Icelandic Centre for Research - Rannis




 Lunch & Networking

Session 2 - Leading by Example: the Icelandic by-product reutilisation industry


 Responsibility towards the gifts of nature
Katrin Petursdottir, Managing Director, Lysi


 Fish and Fashion
Gunnsteinn Björnsson, CEO, Atlantic Leather


 Enzymes from deep sea cod fish
Asgeir Asgeirsson, General Manager, Zymetech


 Free Fatty Acids from Marine Oils - an Untapped Asset
Stella Rögn Sigurðardóttir, Managing Director, Lipid Pharmaceuticals


 Reutilisation success in the cosmetics industry
Hrönn Margrét Magnúsdóttir, Co-Founder and CEO, Feel Iceland




 Coffee & Networking

Session 3 - Prospects for by-product utilisation across the globe


 Bioresources & Scotland’s Circular Economy
Amanda Ingram, Sector Manager - Bioeconomy, Zero Waste Scotland


 Fish by-product recovery and utilisation: Examples from Ireland
Maria Hayes, Scientific Research Officer, Teagasc Food Research Centre


Zero waste operations in the Tuna city of Indonesia: Journey towards 100% utilisation in the Tuna industry
Michella Irawan, Managing Director, PT Etmieco Group


100% utilisation of crab by-products
Karin Loft Eybye, Consultant - Food Technology & AgroTech, Danish Technological Institute





End of Conference day 1


Networking drinks reception and canapes


Day 2 - Thursday 11th April

Grand Hotel Reykjavík, Iceland




 Chairman's Introduction
Thor Sigfusson, Founder and Chairman, Iceland Ocean Cluster

Session 4 - Technology showcase - Processing professionals and technology developers show their latest innovations

09:30 - 10:00

 Speakers include:

Introduction from Moderator: AIPCE-CEP main activities - Guus Pastoor, AIPCE President, European Fish Processors Association

Increased utilisation and value creation from whitefish rest raw materials - Ana Carvajal, Research Manager, Sintef

Processing by-products directly on vessels - Sara Kobbelgaard, Senior Specialist - AgroTech, Danish Technological Institute

Speaker TBC, Alfa Laval*


Moderated by Guus Pastoor, President, The Fish Federation


 Coffee & Networking

Session 5 - Quality vs. Quantity - panel discussion

11:00 - 12:00


Panellists include:

Davíð Tómas Davíðsson, Research and Development, Codland

Hrönn Margrét Magnúsdóttir, Co-Founder and CEO, Feel Iceland

Michella Irawan, Managing Director, PT Etmieco Group

Hordur G. Kristinsson, Chief Science and Innovation Officer, Matis


Discussion points:

  • Are quality raw materials important in all cases of value creation from byproducts?
  • In order to maximise use of marine resources, are there uses for contaminated and poor-quality catch in this industry?
  • How important is traceability?
  • How can we educate farmers, fishermen and processors on the importance of premium catch and quality in order to be able to better use the byproducts?
  • How can we better connect R&D and fisheries regarding fish byproduct utilisation?
  • What examples of good business do we have in byproduct utilisation?
  • What is/could be the role of Government in full utilisation?
  • Is fish protein (from byproducts) unique in some way and can we see the demand for it increase?



Close of Conference



Bus departs for technical visit to Codland facility - Haustak

 *speaker invited

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