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Just two days remain to submit your abstract for Fish Waste for Profit

The call for papers for the 3rd edition of Fish Waste for Profit closes in just 2 days! Represent your company on stage at this unique event dedicated to w... Read more

From head to tail: Why settle for less than 100% utilisation? | Frá sporði til höfuðs: Hvers vegna að sætta sig við minna en 100% nýtingu?

The programme for this year’s fish waste for profit includes both Icelandic and international speakers who will share their expertise on how to achieve 100... Read more

Bright future ahead for the byproduct reutilisation industry in Iceland and beyond

Fish Waste for Profit began with a session exploring what is reluctantly known as the fish ‘waste’ pyramid of value from the bottom.

Who We Are

Fish Waste for Profit 2019 is the 3rd edition of the Icelandic Fisheries Conference, which will run separately to the IceFish Exhibition for the first time from 10-11 April 2019.

The reutilisation of fish processing by-products is a lucrative add-on to regular fish processing, serving the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. Estimates reveal that 43% of fish and shellfish resources end up as wastage, which represents a significant amount of potential profit that could be generated from otherwise discarded material.

Fish Waste for Profit provides attendees with knowledge on how to maximise their return on investment from potentially discarded parts of the catch that can be turned into high value products for non-food sectors. This is a must attend event for those looking to discover new innovations and industry insights, and to develop relations with key industry stakeholders.

You could be throwing away up to 43% of potential profit that can be generated from otherwise discarded material! Learn how at Fish Waste for Profit!

The last edition of Fish Waste for Profit took place in September 2017, delivering case-study-based presentations, selected with the aim of informing attendees about recent industry developments and the 'big business' that fish waste is becoming.

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