The Conference

Fish Waste for Profit - The Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition 2017 is pleased to announce the return of the Icelandic Fisheries Conference which will be held on the second day of the event, 14 September 2017.

The Icelandic Fisheries Conference is returning after a successful inaugural year and will be held on the second day of the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition, 14 September.

This year’s conference will benefit from the support of the Iceland Ocean Cluster, an organisation with a special interest in projects related to processing, that creates value by connecting together entrepreneurs, businesses and knowledge in the marine industries.

The 2nd IceFish Conference will deliver topical seminars focused on addressing the issues and techniques of how to utilise the entire fish and maximise returns and will provide an insight into organisations already involved in this process.

The fish waste processing sector was little-known 20 years ago, but since then it has grown into a lucrative add-on to regular fish processing, serving the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. An estimated 43% of fish and shellfish resources ends up as wastage, which represents a significant amount of potential profit that could be generated from otherwise discarded material.

The IceFish Conference is a must for anyone looking to maximise Return on Investment (ROI) from their seafood products, and discover new innovations and industry insights, as well as means of developing relations with key industry stakeholders.

Discussion on this year’s programme will follow the format of a pyramid of value - including such topics as the large scale processing of waste, innovative uses for fish skin and the creation of high value products for human use such as biofuels, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

An example of this is biodiesel produced from fish oil fuel made from the internal organs, heads and skin - in the past this would have been classed as waste, however as the world becomes more familiar with the derivatives of fish, demand will naturally increase. 

The Icelandic Fisheries Conference programme will be available in the Summer. If you would like to secure a place on this conference or speak on the programme then potential delegates and speakers should contact the Events team and book soon to avoid disappointment. 

If you require any futher information please contact:

Events Team on +44 1329 825335
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