The 2nd Icelandic Fisheries Conference, known as Fish Waste for Profit took place alongside the 12th Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition on 14th September 2017.

Fish Waste for Profit provided attendees with the knowledge on how to maximise their return on investment from potentially discarded parts of the catch that can be turned into high value products for non-food sectors such as the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and agricultural industry.

This year’s conference benefited from the support of the Iceland Ocean Cluster, a company that specialises in value creation by connecting entrepreneurs, businesses and knowledge in the marine industry.

The Conference delivered case study based presentations, selected with the aim of informing attendees about recent industry developments and the 'big business' that fish waste is becoming.

The various sessions at this year's conference took the form of a pyramid of value, exploring the use of fish waste with little additional processing, for example as fertiliser, and progressing to investigate more intensive processing, resulting in the creation of products suitable for human consumption, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

There was a special focus on investment at the IceFish Conference 2017.

Fish Waste for Profit is a must for anyone looking to maximise Return on Investment (ROI) from their seafood products, and discover new innovations and industry insights, as well as means of developing relations with key industry stakeholders.